CCTV in Orlando

cctv1Close circuit television, or CCTV, is the use of video cameras to transmit video to a specific group of monitors. This differs from traditional broadcast television because the signal is not openly transmitted, but is transmitted to specific television monitors that are dedicated, typically by programming or wiring, to receive a signal from those cameras.

CCTV is often used by businesses, offices, schools, and residences as a relatively inexpensive way to generate surveillance on their property. The more public access that is available, the more CCTV is typically utilized.

The benefits to employing a closed circuit television system are vast. First, buildings that have many hidden spaces can efficiently use CCTV to monitor those spaces rather than risk having them either unmonitored or having to pay a security company to patrol them. Further, if a home or community has gated access, a security camera system can be utilized so that people inside in the home or community can identify who desires to enter and either grant or deny them access to the property.

Not only do camera systems prevent criminal activity, but in many cases they also serve a prosecutorial function because they record the perpetrator�s actions on video that can be then given to law enforcement as evidence of the crime committed.

CCTV systems can be very complex and can very expensive depending on what your needs are. We can engineer a system to meet your needs, regardless of how simplified or how complicated you desire your system to be. Call us today to let us assist you.